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Theme Parties

1950s: Oldies But Goodies. Men wore white tee-shirts, black jeans, leather jackets, and had slicked-back hair. Women wore knee-length skirts and hair in ponytails. Icons were Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. The show "Happy Days" will help you pick the proper attire.
1960s: Classic Rock. Men and women wore bell-bottom jeans and tie-dyed shirts. Icons were Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles. The movie, "Austin Powers", will help you pick the proper attire.
1970s: Disco and Funk. Men and women wore tight slacks, had big hair, and colorful shirts. Icons were John Travolta and Diana Ross. The movies, "Saturday Night Fever" and "Studio 54", will help you pick the proper attire.
1980s: The Big 80s. Wow, it really varied. Be original. Icons were Boy George and Madonna. Watch VH1 "Where Are They Now?" or "The Big 80s" to help pick the proper attire.

Games & Contests For Any Event:

Hula Hoop
Water Balloon Toss
Broom & Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Mummy
Tug O War
Air Guitar
Potato Bag Race
Musical Chairs
Pass the Napkin
Sand Burial

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